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A group with which you're affiliated may be temporarily torn apart by quarrels among its members, Aries. It's best to stay out of it. A friend could be having trouble and come to you for advice and help. Don't let yourself get too frustrated by his or her weakness. This could be a frustrating day for you, and one best spent concentrating on projects. All will be better tomorrow.


Changes taking place in your home could cause some temporary frustration tense nerves on the part of family members, Taurus. Perhaps you're moving or refurnishing or trying to do a thorough cleaning and everyone is getting into everyone else's way. Just try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Once it's done, tempers will subside and all will be well.


Miscommunication with someone from far away could lead to bruised egos, heightened emotions, and angry phone calls. It's best not to get drawn into a quarrel, Gemini. Try to straighten it all out. Changes in your neighborhood could cause problems with travel, so be prepared for blocked streets and heavy traffic. Walk - it will clear your head and get you where you're going more quickly.


Your talents as a psychologist could be put to work today when misunderstandings arise. Your companions aren't likely to be thinking straight and may not respond to reassurance, Cancer. Use your intuition to find the best way to defuse the situation. Finances might cause some worry right now, but your ingenuity and money sense should put things right. Go out and have fun tonight.


Someone who interests you could seem to be showing interest in someone else. This might arouse your insecurities and cause a bit of jealousy. Don't make yourself crazy, Leo. All may not be as it seems. Try to discern the facts. Invitations to more than one social event on the same night might force you to make an uncomfortable choice. Make the one that suits you best.


Someone is keeping secrets from you. We all have private issues, Virgo, but this situation affects you. Your intuition will probably tell you who the person is. Try to get them to open up without exerting pressure. Unfinished tasks could drive you crazy. You may try to race through them, which can cause too much stress. Get the crucial ones done and let the others go. Relax with a movie tonight.


Circumstances beyond your control might get in the way of attending a group event. This could cause some disappointment for you and others, Libra. It's best to find something else to do. Your own project is likely to need some attention, and this could prove to be a challenge that keeps you engrossed for hours. Treat yourself to dinner out tonight.


A female visitor who needs some sympathy could come around today. She may want advice on some problems, Scorpio, but she could also bring information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies that you find fascinating and that you'll want to relate to others. This information could trigger your own insights. Write down your ideas. You'll want to remember them.


Some important plans, perhaps involving a vacation or education, could be temporarily blocked by circumstances beyond your control, Sagittarius. This can make you upset and might even set your temper on edge. You may be tempted to take out your frustrations on others. It would be more productive - and challenging - to find ways to make your plans work, even if they're delayed.


A letter or call could arrive today bringing upsetting news about money, Capricorn. Your first reaction might be to blame yourself or someone else, but the circumstances are probably beyond anyone's control. Chances are it can be set right. Before anyone gets too upset, it's best to investigate and find out what needs to be done. It might take some effort, but all will be well.


Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, Aquarius. This could involve a romantic relationship. Jealousy is often groundless, so avoid it by doing some communicating. This is the time to make the effort to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Strong emotions can work for you under some circumstances. A passionate reconciliation is better than an angry estrangement.


Nervous tension could cause a temporary malaise that keeps your energy very low today. But there are tasks that need to be done, Pisces, so you'll probably try to do them in spite of the way you feel. Try not to overwork yourself or take your weariness out on others. It's better to let some things go than make yourself and everyone else that much more stressed out.

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