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Who pulled out the haying equipment? It seems that nothing brings on rainy weather like a few rounds around the hay field!

Regardless of the weather, Rabbit Lake was a hopping place on July 6, 7 and 8. The Rabbit Lake and District Agricultural Association sponsored its second annual slo-pitch tournament. Eighteen teams registered and play went on from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

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The Rabbit Lake Museum hosted a breakfast at the community hall to kick off the day both Saturday and Sunday. Eclectic Beats, with Trevor Pauls as DJ, entertained in the beer gardens Friday and Saturday nights.

When the games were all over, Sons of Pitches from Witchekan defeated 3 Stars from Saulteaux and took the A event. Wolf Pack from North Battleford defeated Vicious and Delicious from Saskatoon in the B event and Chris Chudy from Mayfair beat We Got the Runs from Rabbit Lake to win the C event.

It seemed that everyone involved had a great time and are hoping to do it all again next year.

Our community sends its condolences to Celeste Wright on the passing of her mother. Celeste was in Ontario to be with her mom and was there when she passed away.

For a number of years Rabbit Lake has had various splurge groups for ladies socializing. The group is active now is comprised of Joan Dzialo, Elaine Tomkins, Doreen Lamb, Bev Kowerchuk, Delores Buckingham, Jeanette Krelow and Isabelle McLennan.

The group meets every Wednesday at the Rabbit Lake Café and some Wednesdays at the Rabbit Lake Hotel. Each month one of the group members is assigned to plan a social event. This report is composed by Isabelle McLennan who planned a tour to St. Walburg, White Eagle School District, Rockbottom School District, Frenchman Butte and Turtle Lake.

The group travelled May 26. The day began with a visit to Boser’s greenhouse at their farm and then to St.Walburg for lunch at the Farm House Inn. After lunch the group toured White Eagle School District where Isabelle grew up. They visited her brother’s home at the farm and the White Eagle Lutheran Church and cemetery.

Isabelle’s nephew Corrie and Angel Zweifel built a “Stonehenge” from the stones that came off one quarter of land. This structure is patterned off directions taken from Stonehenge in England. Corrie also redesigned a chicken coop to create a cabin complete with a stone fireplace.

After this tour the group explored Frenchman Butte, which is built on three levels and looks over the North Saskatchewan River. They stopped at the Frenchman Butte Museum for tea before heading on to Turtle Lake where they enjoyed supper at the Turtle Grove Restaurant. It was a full day but a good day.

People keep asking if the level of lake is high this year. Well the guys to ask are George Clarkson and Larry Liddell. Old timers talk of a resort that was once on the east end of Meeting Lake. Apparently, it was quite the place in its day with cabins and a hotel. As the level of the lake receded that resort area was nothing but dry land. This year George and Larry launched a boat at the old beach. According to George this is something that has not been done since the 1930s. So, the moral of the story is that the lake is at an all time high. My brother-in-law, Steven Toews, thinks the lake has risen about six inches since he put his dock in at the beginning of July.

July 15 there was a service at the Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church. Forty-three people came to the service and almost filled the country church. The next service, and the final one for the season at the Rabbit Lake Church, will be on Aug.19 at 10 a.m.

Congratulations to Dave and Bev Kowerchuk on celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Dave and Bev’s family put on a community event and dance on July 23 that was enjoyed by a good number of well wishers.

Later that evening something awful this way cameth! Gale force winds toppled several spruce trees and split age-old maple trees in town. Fortunately most of the trees that fell did not damage homes, but just made a huge mess. Trees also came down in each of the cemeteries, but only did damage to some graves in the RM one. In town a spruce tree punctured the roof of Danny and Crystal Wright, moved a tin shed at the seniors’ and, in the country, toppled bins.

Lots of shingles went flying, but we are not sure if it was the wind or Kowerchuk’s party that causes the south side of the hall roof to lose its shingles! Hail damage was reported southeast of town and also northwest. Severe damage was done to crops in the affected areas. Kathy and Randy Aumack reported five inches of rain at their yard. Water overflowed Highway 378 in a few places, filled creeks and runways and, of course, headed to the lake.

Aug. 16, the Rabbit Lake Senior Sunrise Circle will be offering its monthly music evening. This month’s entertainers will be Randy and Rai. These performers have been here before and were enjoyed by the previous audiences.

Aug. 18 is Rabbit Lake Day. Plan to come and enjoy the bunnock tournament, a supper and other festivities.

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